Home / Health / Total Blackout,Nigeria In Tears,The Cloud Is Dark As Aisha Buhari In Serious Shock As She Receives The Sad News That Her Husband Muhammadu Buhari Is Dead.Watch Video.

Total Blackout,Nigeria In Tears,The Cloud Is Dark As Aisha Buhari In Serious Shock As She Receives The Sad News That Her Husband Muhammadu Buhari Is Dead.Watch Video.


LONDON : Nigeria president Muhammadu Buhari has been confirmed dead in london where was receiving medical treatment.

the news getting to his wife (Aisha ) hearing this morning states that buhari who left the country few weeks ago and handed everything to the present acting president Osinbanjo has been...


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  1. It is well

  2. May his gentle soul rest in peace

  3. Ibrahim M Kontagora

    The person that is saying or posting the death of the Nigerian President have forgotten that is only God that lgives live and take it at his own will; mean while, who so ever that was created will surely die either sooner or later. So if God chooses to take his life fine and good, may his soul rest in perfect peace. Then the person that was prodcasting the death should stay alive forever and ever Ameen.

  4. Is this real, if it is then so be it………. Adieu mr President……. R. I. P THE GRT BUHARI



  6. may his gentle soul rest in peace.

  7. You are not a human being at all. You’re misusing the golden opportunity that you are given skin for free. Your colleagues are in the bush crying for human skin…

    The human-like brain God gave you is also misused.

  8. I don’t think Mr President is Dead

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  10. If President Muhammadu Buhari has truly died, It is simple. The almighty God raised Lazarus from dead in the bible. I now pray that may the God almighty who touched the casket of the only child of his mother and said Talitakumi to bring the child back to life and the child lived, the almighty God who restored the shunamite child from his death position through prophet Elijah, who sent word to the centurion daughter and she live at the same hour, who made dry bones to live and elongate the life of King Hezekiah, breathe life into President Muhammadu Buhari to make him live again in Jesus name.
    He has delivered many graduates from the shackle of employment, put smiles to faces of many retired Federal Civil Servants around me here and planned to rid Nigeria of corruption which has enslaved it to the few politicians who have been calling the tunes for the past years.

  11. Olorunfemi Adewale

    R.I.P My lovely President Have never hard if it is true am gonna miss u Sir

  12. buhar is incapacitated impeachment should not be avoided free Nigerians

  13. seriously! is this true or just a mere rumor
    cant just believe what i am seeing here…
    this is not suppose to happen.

  14. may his gentle soul rest in peace

  15. Hello…, is this real ???? We in the country called Nigeria is still in total blackout. I don.t know which news to believe. Who can truly tell me the exact situation ??

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