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If Buhari Is Not Running In 2019, I Will Go With Atiku Abubakar.

I know I would get insulted and vilified for this post but I don’t care! I will start with asking Nigerians, what do we have to lose? We have suffered so much for the past 2 years under Buhari’s anti corruption government which is laced with ethnic bigotry, Fulani supremacy and the ascendancy of fundamentalist Islam.

Our igbo brothers have been over punished for making their choice at the polls and our nation is on the brink of collapse. In my personal opinion, if President Buhari is not running for 2019, I would advice that we go for Atiku Abubakar in 2019 to afford the north the opportunity of completing their slot. I work in the legal field and I have seen the mess that the Government has done in prosecuting the looters of our treasury. Not one successful conviction has been recorded! When Goodluck Jonathan was President, corruption was rife but at least Nigerians could feed better. The exchange rate never went beyond 200 and life was generally better. Now with the anti corruption Government, we can barely have 2 square meals in Nigeria. So I ask, what have Nigerians gained from this anti corruption adventure? I know that the general sentiment/view amongst Nigerians is that Alh. Atiku Abubakar is ultra corrupt but I put it to you that he is the only Northerner that can be acceptable to other Nigerians if President Buhari is not running for President in 2019. Atiku is detribalised, exposed, a liberal Muslim, wealthy(poverty alleviation ) and most important of all, we would all be able to enjoy Nigeria’s money.

Do not be deceived, none of these elite folks love Nigerians! They are only there to help themselves and their families! So do not be drawn to their internal wars. Baba Obasanjo is reportedly against Atiku’s Presidencial bid but he has only one vote. The choice is with the millions of Nigerians who feel the brunt of bad leadership. Do not allow these corrupt politicians to control our thought process. If we all know that they are all corrupt, why don’t we vote for the one who would ensure that majority of Nigerians at least have a chance to enjoy our lives? I ask again, what do we have to lose? We are already ensnared in their wicked conspiracies anyways!

Finally, I root for Alh. Atiku Abubakar because the other major choices from the North would not do well for the unity of this country. Nasir El Rufai who is rumored to be gunning for the top post in 2019 is too fundamentalist and sectional in nature and he would be worse that the current government. He is a very brilliant man but he doesn’t like Christians. Evidence abound of his actions towards people of other faith throughout his stewardship at the FCT and now Kaduna. A lot of Christians would not want him presiding over the affairs of this very diverse nation. The other candidate is Rabiu who has proven to be pro north in all his dealings. He has made it his mission to bail out hausas involved in ethnic fracas all over Nigeria. One does not need a soothing sayer to see what the country would be like under his Government. Alh. Atiku in my opinion still remains the best choice for President in the event that President Buhari is not running in 2019. If Nigerians are going to continue suffering, let us know what we are suffering for and decide to share in the goodies of our country once and for all! What is the use of an anti corruption crusade when Nigerians are starving and impoverished?

I know I would be insulted for this but this is my humble logomatim.

The suffer too much!
I stand with #Atiku2019

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