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USA: University of Illinois Institutional Scholarships for International Students 2018/2019


The University of Illinois Springfield is offering approximately 169 scholarships worth more than $350,000 for UIS students for the 2018-2019 academic year. The University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) is a public university in Springfield, Illinois, United States. The university was established in 1969 as Sangamon State University by the Illinois General Assembly and became a part of the University of Illinois system on July 1, 1995.The UIS Office of Advancement nurtures relationships with alumni, friends and the campus community to encourage support for UIS students, programs and the university environment.

Deadline: February 15, 2019

University of Study: University of Illinois, Springfield

Scholarship Sponsor:University of Illinois ,Springfield

Place of Study:United States of America (USA)


Level of Study: Scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate programme.

 Scholarship Benefits: Scholarships worth more than $350,000 will be available for UIS students for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Study Subject: Scholarships are awarded to study the subjects offered by the university.

Eligibility Requirements:

Applicants must have previous degree.

Eligible Nationalities: Citizens of all nationalities are eligible to apply.

Language requirements: Students whose first language is not English must demonstrate proficiency in English by submitting satisfactory scores from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL).


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  1. I am student because UNIVERSITY

  2. I am interested in this study program but I can’t find the application link to enter my information.
    Please write me via my email :

  3. Eshiwani Harrison

    Kindly send me the link.

  4. Kindly send me the link

  5. Kindly pass me the link.

  6. I’m interested , kindly send me the link.

  7. Scholarship to be considered

  8. A graduate with a degree in business administration and interested in a scholarship opportunity to read my masters

  9. I am interested in applying for an M

  10. Where can one sign up?

  11. I want to become one of the winners of scholarship

  12. Hi, where should i sign up and submit please

  13. Hi, i have been pursuing an bachelor degree in community development but due to financial constraints i was forced to stop on the way (actually I was in the last year of the study… Complete 31units out of 48.)..is there away I can be supported or helped ?
    Thank you
    Michael Mwanga.

  14. I need a scholarship in masters

  15. Mohamed Abdi Salaad

    I finished my high school and i have my certificate ,so I need to get scholarship

  16. Mohamed Abdi Salaad

    I finished my high school and i have my certificate ,so I need to get scholarship .
    Please help me

  17. Mohamed Abdi Salaad

    I finished my high school and i have my certificate ,so I need to get scholarship .
    Please help me & sent the link

  18. I want to apply but I can’t see the link so I can apply


    I am interested in the scholarship

  20. Ubah chinazaekpere

    Mine is not opening

  21. am really interested furthering my education but my background bis is very poor,please need help

  22. Demande de bourse d’etude entierement financer par le gouvernement je suis un étudiant de la licence 2 departement Reseaux&Telecommunicaton en Guinée-Conakry a l’universite Winfrey Oprah De Guinée

  23. Peter Otundo Onsinyo O.

    I am a graduate in Bsc computer science and am interested in pursuing my Post graduate degree in the same field. Kindly how can I apply

  24. Demande d’une bourse d’étude financer entièrement par votre gouvernement. Je fais actuellement des de droit niveau 3 droit publique. Ce serait une bien agréable chance de booster mes compétences au sein de vos universités assez bien riche en documentation. Sur ce je vous remercie pour cette opportunité que vous offrez!

  25. Salut a vous! Je solicitsollicite une bourse d’étude entièrement financé par le gouvernement. Ce serait une véritable opportunité pour moi de booster mes compétences au sein de vos universités. Je suis actuellement en 3e année droit publique à l’université de Ngaoundere au Cameroun.
    En espérant que vous m’accorderez cette chance je vous remercie d’avance.

  26. And where’s the link to the University site?
    The link in the replies isn’t

  27. I would really love to pursue my studies with your institution

  28. I would really love to pursue my studies with you

  29. Admin, the link you provided, is directing to this same page. Please provide a valid link for the application thank you.

  30. Please I’m interested in the scholarship and will like to apply.

  31. Keamogetse Baoleki

    Pliz send me the direct link…an interested…

  32. Good day I am interested in the scholarship program but I could not find the link to click on for registration. Please what do I do to that effect?

  33. Pls i really need this scholarship,am an undergraduate.

  34. The link keeps on redirecting to the same page why is it so

  35. NGOLO Miandzo Georgina

    BONJOUR à vous mesdames et messieurs! On me nomme mademoiselle NGOLO Miandzo Georgina, en s adressant à vous je fais vous part de ma demande de bourse entièrement financière par le gouvernement américain. Je suis une candidate au Baccalauréat 2017-2018 (futur etudiante) du Congo Brazzaville, ça serait une véritable opportunité pour moi de booster mes competences au sein de vos universites.veuillez agréer ma demande qui sont les meilleurs.

  36. Muafah Annabel Laynyui

    My name is Muafah Annabel Laynyui. I am a Cameroonian. A high school graduate. And I am interested in the scholarship offer. Please help me find the link in order to apply. I will be patiently waiting for your help. Thanks

  37. My name is wilson Yeswa from kenya holding my first BBA degree in procurement and supply chain management i appreciate so much for the great work you guys are doing in uplifting the standard of education especially for we international students Iwish to apply to apply for a scholarship so as to explore MBA in this great field your guidance will be greatly appreciated

  38. How can I get a scholarship for Ph.D program in education

  39. Hey the link is not valid, its directing me to the same page. Please give us the correct link

  40. I m studying in grade 10 final . I would like to study medicine.

  41. Hi , The link is not valid and it keeps redirecting to this same page , can you give me a valid link to apply please .
    Thank you

  42. I’m interested in this programme, please contact me or inboxe me. I’m a guinéen struggleing in Algérie.

  43. I really would like to apply but I can’t find the link

  44. Please I’m Adejoh promise by name, I just finished high school, and pursuing for an undergraduate degree, I’m really interested in your scholarship program, and I would be forever grateful if you would consider my request.

  45. Thanks a lot Illinois university to gaved this chance for us but how can we apply to got this chance?

  46. I’m Brian from Kenya. A total orphan I surely love to study at the University of Illinois.currently I’m struggling with my undergraduate degree in education and I look forward to further my career in your university.

  47. I can’t see the link please

  48. Francis N. Manning, II

    Hello, My name is Francis N. Manning, II. I am a Liberian and a graduate of the University of Liberia. I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Public Administration with emphasis in Human resource. It will be my dream come through if I am admitted at this prestigious University of Illinois.

  49. Ama Owusua Afriyie

    Please I want to apply please send me the link

  50. VISIT the link below to apply… i read this and dont see the link please send the main link

  51. I’m Ihuoma I am from Nigeria I’ll love to study in this university
    Kindly send me the link.

  52. I’ve clicked on virtually all the link,it buffers n redirects back to initial page
    Been there,done that several times,no luck.
    Is there really a link? Or is it all false?
    So which is it,an actual link that directs one to a page where he/she can fill out an application form or this false one?

  53. Hello, I will be finishing my undergraduate degree in educational psychology this year can I apply for MSc Psychology: Work, Organisational and Personnel Psychology at your institution.

  54. Ferguson Agyekum Andoh

    Please I need the link to apply as soon as possible

  55. Ferguson Agyekum Andoh

    Please I need the link to apply for the Scholarship

  56. Woow
    It is my time …
    Am Deng santino from South Sudan,
    High school graduate
    Am interested to study medicine and surgery in the university of Illinois USA
    God bless you

  57. Interested to study on this University

  58. Please I want to apply
    I want to know the link

  59. Je suis intéressée par de votre école.

  60. Adebekun Olatunde Olusola

    I am really interested in studying abroad in order to experience a better academic environment and of course be better equiped. I already possess a Master`s Degree in Management from the University of Lagos,Akoka,Nigeria, with the intention of studying my Phd,but since the scholarship is only mearnt for undergraduates,i wouldnt mind.Please how do i apply?
    and if there is any provision for Phd applicants,please keep me informed.


  61. Magoba Ronald Arnold

    Am looking for a PhD scholarships for Public Health. Am an African(Kenyan).

  62. Akinwande Emily Funmilayo

    I’m interested. Pls send me the link. I want to study PhD mathematics

  63. Je veux continuer mes études là-bas à cause de la qualité de l’enseignement

  64. J’aimerai bien continue mes études làbas

  65. Am really interested but i can’t find the link below please can you send me the link so i can apply

  66. Hey graduated from high school and wanna pursue my degree in your university and am interested with the scholarship where can I apply please

  67. I am interested. Please update me. I will be so great to study in abroad with a scholarship department of mass communication. This is a great privilege that I wouldn’t want to lose . Thank u sooo much

  68. Rukundo Merveille

    For those who haven’t done the TOEFL ,are they still eligible?

  69. Ndukaku Prince Daniel

    Please, i really want to go back to school, i don’t want to be a drop out due to lack of money, thanks.

  70. I have an IELTS score of 7. Will that do?

  71. Caisse Abdou Marcel junior

    Je suis étudiant à l’Académie Régionales des Sciences et Techniques de la Mer qui est une institution maritime constituée par 15 pays d’Afrique. Je suis en Deuxième année et j’ étudie l’exploitation thermique. Avant d’avoir le concours pour entrer dans cette académie, j’ai fait des études supérieures dans une École supérieure de technologie où j’ai obtenu le Brevet de technicien supérieur en technologie d’information et de communication. Je rêve et je désire poursuivre mes Études aux USA dans une bonne université américaine. J’ai beaucoup de volonté pour étudier mais je suis complexé car mes parents n’ont pas les moyens de financer mes études dans ces universités. J’ai besoin d’aide pour réaliser mon plus grand rêve.

  72. The link is not working

  73. Uchenna Umeonuorah

    Thanks a lot for the information. I want to enroll for PhD scholarship program in Food Science and Technology in this school. How possible is it, please advise??
    . Thanks once more.

  74. Hi,I’m Bernice from Ghana.I completed my first degree with first class in nutrition. It has always been my dream to study abroad but funding is the major hurdle for me.pls can you help me get a full scholarship to persue my dreams.thank you

  75. kindly send me the link to apply for the scholarship.

  76. i want this scholarship

  77. Good day! please send me a link for signing-up and processing application

    Thank time for your time and consideration.

    David Tjiriange

  78. I would like to join your institution please send me a link on e-mail.

  79. Abdikarim Hassan

    I am very intresting this apportunity and thanks for your help

  80. Joël Bazanga Kupa

    Bonjour, on m’appelle Joël Bazanga Kupa, je suis étudiant à l’Université de l’Uélé dans la province du Haut-Uélé\Isiro DRC, je suis maintenant en deuxième licence à la faculté de sciences géologiques, je suis là juste pour vous demander une bourse pour le troisième cycle dans ce domaine, je suis célibataire sans enfant. Veuillez agréer monsieur l’expression de mes sentiments dévoués.

  81. Kugbey Gideon Kwabla

    Kindly send me the link

  82. Thierno Mamoudou Diallo

    Hello I’m Guinean (Guinea conakry) students in terminal class (high school) this year I’m preparing the examen bac my favorites subjects are biology physique and chemistry and I speak French very well I was born in Guinean in 1996 I’d like that you help me go in your country for continue my study I’d like to do the medicine at the university but there aren’t this branch in my country university please help me! !! you can contact me at 00224622434914

  83. Sendeku Wubeshet Hiruy

    I’m interested in this program, please contact me. I’m from Ethiopia.

  84. hassah ahmed ali

    my name is hassan ahmed a am somalia person
    i like to study in usa
    please help me to get

  85. My name is tshala Gomes I I’m from Angola
    What can I do for me to submit my document

    My faithfully


    Eu não consigo ver ou localizar o formulário. Alguém pode me ajudar?

  87. I want to get this sholarship..please

  88. Je me nomme watara Djamiou niveau terminale en D j’aimerai bien poursuivre mes études dans votre pays

  89. How I can apply it?

  90. Dillah Dodjinga Gustave

    I am tchadian and i would like if it’s possible to have scholarship for Master 2 in public health.

  91. Nalunkuma Elizabeth

    Am interested in scholarship in Masters for Library and information Science or Records and Archives Management.Am a Ugandan ,kindly send me the link please.

  92. University of Illinois institutional scholarships

  93. Bonjour, je suis ABOUBAKAR SIRIKI DIARRA étudiant en 4e année de philosophie en cote d ivoire. Je désir profiter de cette occasion pour poursuivre mes études aux États-Unis afin de m améliorer. Je vous remercie

  94. I am asmamaw adane i have first degree in one of ethiopian university in electrical and computer engineering.
    I want this free scholarship.please inform me/give me information how i get the chance?

  95. Am mahamed isse ali I live in somalia. and I graduated from high school and would like to apply to study at your US college …. My goal is to be educated. I would really like to thank the Illinois University if I give this scholarship because it will make my dream a reality of my own self

  96. Suis ivoirienne je me nomme NANhi steffie Reanne je viens d’obtenir le bac et j’aimerais bénéficier d une bourse d’étude pour pouvoir continuer mes études

  97. Zoumanigui gbavo

    Je me nomme Zoumanigui gbavo, j’ai 22 ans, je suis étudiant de la médecine, mon souhait le plus ardant est d’aller poursuivre mes étude au Etat Unis

  98. I am interested to study by these chance by MBSC degree abroad with in your support.

  99. I am interested with in this scholarship you provide chance

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